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Vintage Fishing "Priest" marked "Aquarex Made in Scotland". It measures 5 3/4" long. It is called a "Priest" because it was used literally to give a caught fish his last rites by hitting on the head with the weighted head. This priest appears to be made of an alloy like aluminum. It has a few small blemishes from years of honest use but displays very nicely. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 5532Price $69.00
Vintage set of hand carved Bear Bookends from the Black Forest area of Germany. The carvings of the Black Forest are legendary especially their Bear carvings in all sizes and concepts. These would make a great addition to any country home or cabin desk top decor or table top decor! Notice that the Bears are sitting on and against carved books! They measure approximately 5 5/8" tall by 3" wide and 4 1/4" front to back! Please click on their image to see additional closeups.
SKU 11942Price $249.00
Cast in metal and hand painted as a souvenir item originally these tri-flying fish have become a prized collectable particularly with Catalina Island collectors. This set is marked "Clearwater". These Flying Fish have not been made for years and years. Nice angling artifact. They are approx. 3 3/4" long and stand 2 1/2" tall. Excellent condition....scarce item.
SKU 6074Price $55.00
Vintage brass finished Swordfish Corkscrew & Bottle Opener. The sides of the swordfish are detailed with different color rhinestones. It measures approximately 7 1/2" long and is one piece. Please click on its image for additional closeups!
SKU 16742Price $49.00
"Stonehouse Silversmiths", comprised of Pat & Butch Bramhall , hand wove this exquisite miniature flyfishing set in 1995. They retired five years ago and their once incredible business is closed. After talking to Pat Bramhall we were told that they have one set left to sell and when gone they own no more! They are selling that last set of a hand woven sterling creel with a wooden lid and 18K gold closing buckle on a belt, a wood grip on sterling net frame with a handwoven silver net, a sterling silver fly rod with a 18K gold reel and wood grip, a size 28 hand tied fly by FranBetters in a custom handmade wooden & fabric covered case for $2800.00! We were fortune to recently acquire a set they made in 1995 from a recent estate sale and are offering the same complete set as described above but having walnut wooden top for the creel lid, a walnut inset wooden grip on the net and walnut hand grip on the fly rod for $2500. There is also included a rolled document in the presentation box that describes all that detail of this set and signed by this talented couple and secured by a sterling silver miniature chain. I want to stress that all the metal you see in these items are made out of genuine sterling silver and/or 18K gold (including the guides and tip top)! What a gift for the fly fishing enthusiast in your family and a very scarce one at that. This unique collection would display beautiful in ones office, den, or fishing room! The creel is approximately 2 1/2" across and the fly rod is 16" long (scaled 2" to 1'-0"). The presentation box measures closed 18 7/8" long by 3" depth and 2 5/8" high. Please look at all our pictures to see the amazing details! To do so just click on the original image and that will show you all the additional closeups & details!
SKU 18857Price $2,500.00
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