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B. C. Milam Rustica No. 3 Bait Casting ReelB.C. MILAM "RUSTICA NO.3" BAIT CASTING REEL!
B.C. Milam bait casting reel, his model "Rustica No.3" Frankfort, Ky. Early Kentucky reel having knurled end caps, click adjustment on face plate, ivorine handle knob, and a full uncut reel foot. Strong click. The earliest B.C. Milam marked reels do not have serial numbers like this one. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18934Price $395.00
Jules Vom Hofe "Quadruple" model Kentucky style Bait Casting Reel. This reel features the Kentucky style click adjustment! The end caps are knurled, the reel foot full length with the trademark hole drilled in it, and a counterbalanced handle! The rim edges are coin like and the arbor is solid brass. Reel has 2" diameter and a spool width of 1 1/4" approximately. The click adjustment on the back side operates the on/off click. The raised front housing houses the multiplier gears. The front face hard rubber click operates the "free spool". Just needs some oil ( a little squeaky) otherwise appears to work but we would add to any Vom Hofe collection! Please click on its image to see additional images!
SKU 16844Price $89.00
Julius Vom Hofe No. 4 Casting Reel (Rosette Washers)JULIUS VOM HOFE NO. 4 CASTING REEL ROSETTE WASHERS!
Julius Vom Hofe HR/NOB No. 4 bait caster with rosette washers, knurled end caps, trademark hole drilled in foot, and counterbalanced handle. There is also a sliding click adjustment on rear side plate. Mechanically fine with strong click. Hard rubber side plates are in great overall condition. Nickel plating shows minor rubs in few places & spool could use a cleaning (not touched by us) which we like to leave to the discretion of the collector. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18945Price $125.00
Julius Vom Hofe raised pillar with hard rubber side plates. It is stamped on the foot bottom "4" for the size designation. The foot is drilled with the Vom Hofe trade mark hole. It has a single counterbalanced handle with ivorine grasp. Click on back side plate works great. Strong click. Old braided line found on reel left alone. Full length original foot not filed. Has not been cleaned! Approximate 2 1/8" diameter to outside of raised pillars. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18279Price $89.00
Talbot Reel Co. Star G. Silver Casting ReelTALBOT REEL CO. "STAR" CASTING REEL IN GS EX+!
Talbot Reel Co. "Star" bait casting reel in German silver and having a single counterbalanced handle with ivorine grasp! Kentucky style click/free spool adjustment. Knurled end caps, full reel foot, and tooled Pilars. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18784Price $350.00
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