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Pillipson Pacemaker Fly RodPHILLIPSON "PACEMAKER" BAMBOO FLY ROD 9'-0" 7 WT. 3/2 W/TUBE!
Phillipson "Pacemaker" 9'-0" Bamboo Fly Rod. It is a 3 section 2 tip model and rated as a HCH (7 wt.) casting rod. Rod is 5 5/8 oz making it a great steelhead fly rod! Found with original and correct metal rod tube and a aftermarket rod sack. All sections appear full length! Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18980Reg. Price $395.00 $329.00 Sale!
This is a very scarce Fly/Spin Rod the "Zenith" in fiberglass by Russell J. Peak. It was a special order 7'-0", 3/1, and weighing 2.6 oz's. This is only the second time in the last 35 years that we were able to acquire one of these highly prized rods by one of the masters of rod tapers and construction. It has been said that Russ Peak is "widely recognized as one of the three top fiberglass rod builders. His rods are a treat to cast with a comfortable feel, good accuracy, and plenty of punch". Tom Morgan revealed "When I bought Winston, Russ Peak was the premier fiberglass rod maker in the world. I purchased one of his rods as a model of great quality to serve as a reference to improve the quality of Winston's rods". This combo rod was considered scarce/rare because Peak made a great deal fewer of these dual purpose rods. This one was a custom order by a Mr. John Wells in the mid 1960's. This information came from Kerry Burkheimer who apprenticed under Russ Peak in those days.This information is also hand inked on the rods' butt section above the cork handle but because the "Zenith" was created in a dark chocolate brown fiberglass it is hard to read the black inking. We used a special filter and adjusted the lighting to see the lettering. Check out our pictures to see what information is inked on the rod. Acquired with a aluminum rod tube with a brass screw on cap and a tan rod sack. Both appear to be after market. Please click on our pictures to see additional pictures and closeups!
SKU 19605Price $698.00
Walt Carpenter Spey RodWALT CARPENTER SPEY ROD RARE AMBERGLASS 12'-0", 3/1, 10 WT.
Beautiful & rare Amberglass Spey Rod by famed builder Walt Carpenter! His fiberglass rods are rarer then his top of the line bamboo fly rods. This is a 12'-0", 3/1, 10 wt. We have not seen another! This spey rod appears unused. All components are top of the line! He has been considered as one of the master rod builders of this era. He learned a lot early on while working with Leonard and then Payne. Rod is signed by him on the butt section in black ink (under finish). Hook saver at winding check, down locking knurled reel seat, original cloth bag and aftermarket aluminum rod tube. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 19010Reg. Price $1,100.00 $979.00 Sale!
LHSPECRARE "AL TALBOT" 8'-6" 2/2 4 3/4 OZ. 6 WT EX+
Al Talbot was possibly thee most innovative and influential member of the rod making community. He was responsible for the new standard in mill design and the creation of polyvinyl glue. Talbot was the closely guarded secret and treasure of rod makers. In order to keep their competitive edge rod makers didn't want his knowledge shared as Talbot knew how to make machines like no one else before or since. For two decades from 1968-88 Talbot was the innovative Kingpin for the San Francisco Bay Area Rod Builders including; Doug Merrick, Tom Morgan, and Glenn Brackett of Winston; Jim Schaaf, Tim Bedford, and Al's close friend and mentor, Gary Howells. Tom Morgan once said, "I can't stress enough how important Al Talbot was in bringing me and Winston into the modern maching practices." This two-piece rod is one of only 40 Hexagonal rods made by Talbot (most of these hexagonal rods were 1 piece).. He also made 14 quadrates for a total of 54 rods. Al was not known for his casting ability of 2 piece rods so he produced mostly 1 piece rods during his brief career of rod making (he rarely sold his rods but gifted them to friends although some were sold). The 2 piece rod became less common and hence somewhat rarer and it is one of these that we are offering for sale: It is a 8'-6", 2/2, 4 3/4oz., 6 wt. It has no sets, original excellent condition finish, all original guides and wraps, as is the down locking reel seat! There is a slight rub on the reel seat wood. It comes with aluminum tube and screw on cap, blue cloth sack, all original to the rod. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU LH-SPECPrice $2,550.00
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