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Sage RPSAGE GRAPHITE II GFL 990 RP 2/1 9'-0" 9WT.!
Sage Graphite II model GFL 990 RP 2/1, 9'0", 9 wt. fly rod with correct tube and rod sack! Excellent condition, ready to fish for those steelhead and salmon! Please click on its image for additional closeups!
SKU 18992Price $169.00
Heddon Blue WatersHEDDON #10 BLUE WATERS BAMBOO FLY ROD 9'-0", 3/2, 6-7 WT.
Heddon No.10 "Blue Waters" Bamboo Fly Rod. This is a 9'-0", 3 section/2 tip, HCH or D (6-7wt.) Ferrule size is 2 1/2". Acquired in original blue cloth rod sack and metal tube with Heddon label! Screw on cap is missing! Down locking reel seat with patent numbers on knurled threaded ring. Rod retains its original hook saver at winding check. All sections are full length and no sets. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18990Price $169.00
Heddon Expert #125 Fly RodHEDDON "EXPERT" NO.125 BAMBOO FLY ROD 9'-0", 3/2, 6 or 7 WT.
Heddon Bamboo Fly Rod, the "Expert" No. 125. This is a 3/2, 9'-0", and line wt HCH or D (7 or 6 wt). Has original Heddon Rod sack. Rod tube is aftermarket metal with screw on top. Ferrule size is 2 1/2. Light finish wear but is really nice overall! Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18914Price $169.00
Orvis Zero Gravity 905-2pc Tip Flex, 9 wt, 3 1/8 oz, 5 wt lineORVIS ZERO GRAVITY 9'0" 5 WT. 2/1 GRAPHITE FLY ROD EX+!
Orvis "Zero Gravity" No.905 Tip Flex. 10.0. This is a beautiful 9'-0" Graphite Fly Rod for a 5wt. and is a 2/1 (two piece) rod. Rod is in excellent plus condition in a rich burgundy color with its correct sack and Orvis rod tube! No damage, no sets, ready for your favorite appropriate reel to fish! Hook saver and cork grip are excellent too. Natural light soiling on cork from being handle to show. Please click on its image to see additional closeups! Review on the Zero Gravity Fly Rods: "Orvis claims a unique pedigree to go with this rod’s unique looks. Based on technology used for attack-helicopter blades, Orvis uses high temperature thermoplastic resins that encase graphite fibers to make the rod “stronger, tougher, and more accurate.”
SKU 18981Price $289.00
This is a scarce excellent condition vintage Split Bamboo Pack Fly Rod by Horrocks & Ibbotson of Utica,N.Y. It is composed of 6 sections that assembled equal a 9'-0" length rod. It is inked above the hook saver "3090 F". It has a down locking reel seat with a knurled screwing ring.The rod is clean with all its original wraps. Great piece to display and collect. It can be fished as well! Found in its cloth sack but no tube. Manufactures label is fully in tack on the butt section and reads "Genuine Tonkin Cane, Fish H&I Rod, Horrocks & Ibbotson Co., Utica, N.Y., Made in U.S.A." Please click on its image for additional closeups!
SKU 17826Price $350.00
Pillipson Pacemaker Fly RodPHILLIPSON "PACEMAKER" BAMBOO FLY ROD 9'-0" 7 WT. 3/2 W/TUBE!
Phillipson "Pacemaker" 9'-0" Bamboo Fly Rod. It is a 3 section 2 tip model and rated as a HCH (7 wt.) casting rod. Rod is 5 5/8 oz making it a great steelhead fly rod! Found with original and correct metal rod tube and a aftermarket rod sack. All sections appear full length! Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 18980Price $395.00
Walt Carpenter Spey RodWALT CARPENTER SPEY ROD RARE AMBERGLASS 12'-0", 3/1, 10 WT.
Beautiful & rare Amberglass Spey Rod by famed builder Walt Carpenter! His fiberglass rods are rarer then his top of the line bamboo fly rods. This is a 12'-0", 3/1, 10 wt. We have not seen another! This spey rod appears unused. All components are top of the line! He has been considered as one of the master rod builders of this era. He learned a lot early on while working with Leonard and then Payne. Rod is signed by him on the butt section in black ink (under finish). Hook saver at winding check, down locking knurled reel seat, original cloth bag and aftermarket aluminum rod tube. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 19010Price $1,100.00
Walt Carpenter Fly RodWALT CARPENTER 7'-6" BROWNTONE 3/2, 6 WT.
W.E. Carpenter hand made cane fly rod from 1982. It is his Browntone 7'-6", 3/2, 6 wt. It was designated as a "Prototype for Action". Having said that Mr. Carpenter field tested the rod and stated on it label "Strong Full Loading"! He personally signed the label on this beautiful rod tube. Mr. Carpenter is considered one of the masters of current cane fly rod construction! He honed his skills at both Leonard & Payne's shops originally. Today's 7'-6" 3/2 rods list on his site for over $5000. The rod and its components appear unused! Please look him up to review his work and rod values. Please click on its image to see additional closeups! As stated by another rod dealer -"Walt Carpenter got his start out of the EF Payne Rod Company and has become one of the best living ambassadors of the Catskill school of rodmaking. His "Browntone" models are highly sought after by fisherman and collectors and he continues to build rods out of his workshop in Pennsylvania"!
SKU 18807Price $3,450.00
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