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One of the exciting things about collecting is not only being able to "Learn" new things but to "Share" that knowledge with other interested fellow collectors. This section was created to help anyone interested in collecting and/or researching fishing tackle related items. We welcome your comments and should you know of something that should be added or a link that might be helpful please feel free to e-mail us.
Angling Artifacts participates in many trades shows (sporting, fishing, etc.) throughout the U.S. and during these shows we're often asked several questions.
How can I research the value of a particular object I might own? Compare your items in against the standards as outlined below as well as research them in the various Reference Books.
Are there clubs, organizations and/or associations which I could join? See Clubs.
Your display is set-up like a museum, I'd like to see more, are there any museums which I could visit and see other "angling artifacts"? See Museums.
Which reference books do you use? See Reference Books.
Is there some sort of system used when evaluating rods, reels, or lures? Review the various Grading System links above.
So we'd like to "Share" some information that might be helpful to any one wanting to "Learn" something about antique fishing tackle.
Standards for Reproductions, Repaints, Restorations, Folk Art and Contemporary Guidelines for Rods, Reels, Lures and Decoys
Reproductions A contemporary imitation, regardless of scale or color of a lure, decoy, rod, catalog, photograph, reel or any other tackle related item by a craftsman or company other than the initial craftsman or company.
Repaints An authentic lure or decoy body repainted in any manner since the craftsman or company originally marketed the tackle related item.
Restorations An authentic lure, decoy, rod, or reel restored to the original condition of up to, but not exceeding 25% of the lure, decoy, rod or reel.   Restorations exceeding 25% of lure, decoy, rod or reel body shall be considered a reproduction or repaint.
Folk Art An older, unique, imitation regardless of scale or color of a lure or decoy by an individual reflecting personal craftsmanship and quite often regional style.
Contemporary A modern and unique lure, decoy, rod or reel marketed by a craftsman or company.

ID of Reproductions, Repaints and Restorations

Repro Reproductions shall be stamped "Repro" on the lure, decoy, rod, or reel body identifying each item.
Repaint Repaints shall be stamped "Repaint" on the lure or decoy body identifying each item.
Restorations Restorations shall be identified by an attached tag explaining the restoration.
Violations Persons offering for sale or trade items not properly identified may be subject to censure and/or removal from the NFLCC pending Board of Directors review.
General If a NFLCC member has been informed of any defects or changes that may have occurred in an item offered for sale or trade, the prospective buyer or trader must be informed.  If any tackle item is in question, it should be clearly noted to the buyer or trader.
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