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CreelNetMount.jpgCreel, Net & Mount Display
An example of how to create an area displaying a Creel, Net and Mount combination. Click image to see an enlarged photo. Note: Items not for sale, display only.
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BKArtoftheCreel2.jpgART OF THE CREEL
Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain

"The Art of the Creel" is a photographic perspective on a wide variety of creels, their makers, their materials, and their artistic appeal. With more than 200 different creels photographed, this book provides a comprehensive look at all the major categories of creel as well as some very rare, one of a kind creels that are tucked away in private collections. The authors have also provided pertient information about the history and the makers of most of the creels. There is still much to learn about the subject and "The Art of the Creel" is as good place to start for anyone interested in fishing creels. (Note: There are no values given)

SKU ISBN # 0-9659172-7-4Price $49.95
Scarce vintage fishing creel that was produced exclusively for the famous Sporting Goods Company in Vermont "Orvis". This whole wicker, center hole creel was in their 1950's catalog. It retains all its original wicker construction, lid hinges and front leather closing strap. The closing strap and its' buckle are still intack. This creel model can be seen in the collectors book "Art of the Creel" which we also sale. It measures approximately 14" across, 6 1/2" front to back and 8 1/2" high. It has a beautiful woven "overlap" top lid design with a turn of the century center hole configuration. A shoulder strap was found with the the creel and is included. Please click on its image for additional closeups!
SKU 19600Price $149.00
Large 16" early French weave split willow creel in excellent condition! This is a fine example of the early creels imported to the United States Tackle Shops pre-leather trim. It is also an example of the tightly woven creels that the famous Oregon Creel makers imported and then dressed with their fancy tooled leather. This creel measures approximately 16" across its bottom and 10" high at its back! Makes a great addition to any collection or as a display artifact for cabin, lodge, or home. The lid closure is intact and there are leather hinges at rear of top. There was no harness found with it and the harness were after-market purchases if desired. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 19304Price $149.00
This is a 15" Split Willow Pocketed Creel with leather trim! C.1930's. Closing strap and handle still intact! It has an embossed ruler across the rear top of the lid. The split willow weave is a nice example of the "tight French weave" baskets created early on. An after market leather harness c. 1960's was found with it and is included and appears to be new old stock never used. Made in Japan for the American tackle shops and imported to the USA since the 1900's as were all the Oregon creel makers baskets that makers like G. Lawrence, Peters, & Nelson dressed with their high quality saddle leather and artful tooling & embossing.This creel is a great decorative piece for home or cabin and has lots of character. Please click on its image to see additional closeups !
SKU 19610Price $169.00
Great large vintage c.1930's tightly woven split willow fishing creel with leather trim. This creel retains its original rear carry handle, front closing strap and buckle! This creel measures 16" wide across its bottom. There is a 10" measure across the rear top of the lid. It has a wonderful orange/ brown finish with normal leather marks that enrich its patina. It retains part of its original label on the bottom "Best Made"! It was woven in Japan which is where most of all creel baskets came from for the American Tackle Shops. This includes the creel baskets used by the famous Oregon Creel makers who imported the baskets from the far east and then aplied their saddle leather with nice tooling designs! It has diagonal leather trim strips. The willow is tightly woven. A aftermarket canvas/leather shoulder harness original to its era was found with it. Please click on its image for additional closeups. Great one to collect or display!
SKU 19612Price $195.00
As the authors of the "Art of the Creel" point out on page 159 of their quite informative book is that nothing much has changed to these "Panniers" since the days of Issac Walton! The gillies (English fishing guides) used them to carry everything, including the large salmon caught by the fishing party! They usually were strong enough to sit on too! This one is in pretty nice shape and measures approximately 16" wide by 12" deep by 13 1/2" high. Rich brown wicker patina and this center hole basket has a heavy duty leather carry strap and a closing leather strap & metal buckle to secure the lid when carrying to a different location. This one is late 1880's to 1910 era. Please click on its image to see additional closeups!
SKU 19468Price $210.00
This is a large 17" from bulbous corner to bulbous corner woven wicker center hole creel, probably from Belgium or England! We date this creel to the late 1890's. It has a very deep dark brown patina with natural highlights created at raised points from normal wear over the years. Creel is solid and closing braided wicker latch loop is intact! Four corner mini "pole" legs to help when placing basket on uneven ground surface. Widest depth (front to back) approximately 11" and the height approximately 12" at the rear. Small center hole probably more for air than fish access since the lid top was easily accessed and its top lifted up to drop your catch in. Those days were not like today's "catch & release"! Large original belt openings at each side of the back to allow carrying over the shoulder. Back then those additional leather straps were secondary purchases and did not come standard with these woven creels after all everyone was a different size lol ! Please click on its image to see additional closeups! This is just a great decor item for any mountain home, cabin, or lodge!
SKU 19474Price $225.00
Scarce woven creel in this particular condition and having cover flap on top. Described as a Eastern Woodland Creel we have known this styling as a "Watermelon" creel because of its shape. This nicely woven creel is 15" wide across its bottom and also across its top from rear dowel support at top back. At each back side there is a metal u-shape loop built-in to guide whatever harness or strap you may want to use to hand carry or wear over your shoulder. Creel stands approximately 9 1/2" high measured at the rear . This creel was finished with varnish to protect the willow from long term water damage and has created a great patina. Heavy duty line currently tied at back/top to display the creel if desired (easily removed). Super looking vintage fishing creel! Please click on its image to see additional closeups!i
SKU 19432Price $245.00
George Lawrence Rainbow Creel #304RARE GEORGE LAWRENCE #304 RAINBOW CREEL
Rare George Lawrence "Rainbow" model #304 Creel. This is a double front pocketed creel with original Lawrence snaps, and factory signed Lawrence shoulder harness! Made especially in Cordovan leather (horsehide rather than cowhide). The 304 model was approximately 15" across the bottom and could carry 25 lbs. of fish. The closing lid strap is all there with the buckle intact as well! The metal oval cartouche with the Lawrence company name is on the front too. Display proudly or use.
SKU 17375Price $1,395.00
This is beautiful creel having double leather pockets with just great tooling, and hardware. This split willow creel is nicely trimmed in saddle leather and Buck-stitched like the earlier McMonies creels. The creel maker was Ken Haggard and take a look at the leaping trout he tooled on the creels lid top! This is a large 15"-16" wide creel standing approximately 9 1/2" tall at the back side. There is a beautifully tooled leather harness with lambs wool backing made for this creel by Haggard which is included. There is also a 11" measure across the back of the lid top to verify your catch. Display this fishing creel proudly or still could be used.
SKU 18678Price $1,695.00
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